Hello all my name is Buttercup on here but in reality I am Rosemary.
I really like watching DVDs and Movies.
Music I can't live without.
I am intrested in Drama and Photography.
My fandoms that I am well obessed with are Harry Potter, Supernatural, English telly like Sherlock, Doctor who, Once Upon A Time, Fringe, Merlin, Anything to do with THE AVENGERS and some other random shows
I love to ship characters Drarry being one of them (trust me I love to ship).
I also love to read but I do have a type Sci-Fi fantasy with a hint of mystry and horror and a touch of romance,
I have my own fashion and my personality comes out through that.
One more thing I am very open minded.
I would love to answer any questions
My blog will have re-blogs but I will share my pictures and anything interesting
Rosemary From NZx
Ask me anything